Devi Stavam: Homage to the Divine mother of Mannantala

  1. Unfurling a resplendent umbrella, studded with radiant pearls,

    O Mother, You are showering the finest flowers of Grace.

    May you burn, in Your fiery anger, the modulating potentials of the phenomena and transform all the fecund tendencies into the fragrance of Your compassion.

    May Your word dispel the opulent causes along with their consequent proliferationís and bless me to cross the ocean of maya's modalities.

  2. O Mother of auspicious form, You have shared the sacred body of Siva, clad in cosmic space.

    Your hair is adorned with the crescent and the glow of the silvery Ganges.

    The beauty of Your face surpasses the sheen of the full moon.

    May Your lotus feet be firmly planted in my heart, so that the dark shadow of my ego shall not make my life a pursuit in vanity and obliterate the wisdom You benignly grant.

  3. Radiant Splendor--such is Your nature;

    The very thought of Your luminous form

    lifts the burden of grief from all hearts

    and fills them with joy and peace;

    Everyone will rejoice when, by Your Grace, all obstacles are removed and efforts are rewarded.

  4. O daughter of Daksha, the doom of demonic forces,

    Do not let me disintegrate into this phenomenal projection of Your illusion.

    Bless me, Supreme Lady, to restrain all the senses and live in peace.

    The hungers that cause great anguish are hard to appease.

    When You receive me into Your womb I will remain firm as days pass by, there is no doubt.

  5. O Auspicious One, know that with my mind spinning like a top,

    I am powerless to reach the sky of consciousness.

    Bless this hapless one who is ever in adoration of Your lotus feet,

    Craving to be united with them to find salvation.

  6. Even to the most clever, the trap of the senses is an inescapable snare,

    You do not favor him. if he is intoxicated by Your glory, all the best happens to him instantaneously and he dwells in eternal happiness.

    Are You not that Goddess who knows all these?

  7. This body is food for vultures, the source of all misery--isn't it?

    O Great Creatress, shower Your Grace!

    O dear one, who has always shared Your body with the Crescent-Bearer, bless me to go beyond all suffering.

  8. O Goddess of Mannantale, Sovereign of Earth, the appropriateness of Your name is a marvel:

    For all inheres in this earth, and You are the Goddess who remains transcending and yet apportions the needs of all.