Jati Mimamsa: A critique of caste

  1. Man's humanity marks out the human kind

    Even as bovinity proclaims a cow.

    Brahminhood and such are not thus-wise;

    None do see this truth, alas!

  2. One of caste, one of relegion and one in God is man;

    Of one womb, of one form; difference therein none.

  3. Within a species, is it not, that offspring truly breed?

    The society of man thus viewed, to a single caste belongs.

  4. Of the human species is even a Brahman born, as is the Pariah too,

    Where is difference then in caste as between man and man?

  5. In bygone days of a Pariah woman the great sage Parasara was born,

    As even he of Vedic aphorism fame of a virgin of the fisher-fold.